Our slogan is

«You will arrive Guests, you will leave Friends».

The Garzanti Dictionary, under the heading “FRIEND”, verbatim reports: «who has friendship ties with another person», where “friendship” means the “bond between people based on affinity of feelings, frankness, disinterest and mutual esteem ».


There is an affinity of feelings between us and our guests: they ask us for well-being and we provide well-being.
In fact, our sympathy, our courtesy, our placing the satisfaction of the guest at the peak of our thoughts, which perfectly match the warmth of the rooms and the tranquility of the site, create a sense of well-being in the guest.


It is synonymous with “sincerity”, “frankness”, “loyalty”, “authenticity”; “simplicity”, “authenticity”.
Our “frankness” is revealed in offering our guests not illusory possibilities but concrete solutions so that their stay is profitable, for their body as well as for their spirit.
The nights spent in our rooms, equipped with every comfort, open to the smiling view of our mountains, the moments of peaceful relaxation in our rooms, in our living rooms, at the bar or in the games room, or sunbathing on our solarium, or savoring our simple and genuine foods are a reality, not an illusion!


It is synonymous with “carelessness of one’s material or moral interest”, “altruism”, “self-denial”, “generosity”.
We are certainly not unwary. We take care of our interests. With us, the stay is not free.
But it must be understood in the sense that we really feel at the customer’s service. We try to help him solve any problems, even if they do not concern us or our work. It is the commitment that we have made since 1968 and we are happy to respect it every day. And it is substantiated in the slogan “Our home will be your home”.


It is that feeling that spontaneously arises between us and our guests during their stay.
On the one hand there is the service that we offer to the guest, on the other the acknowledgment, for its part, of the goodness and authenticity of the same.
And this welcome phenomenon also occurs when guests are occasional, as happens when they choose us to celebrate anniversaries, weddings, anniversaries or other special events.

Here is explained our slogan that you will find upon entering the Hotel


And this is why we at Marcellino are also deeply sporty, because sporty is «who behaves correctly, loyally, chivalrously; who knows how to accept defeats serenely ».
We have in our family Barbara and Lara, alpine skiing champions. The same owner, Luigi, is a ski instructor.
We have always deeply loved Sport (with a capital S) and Sport loves us at Marcellino.
We hosted soccer, volleyball and ski teams for the preparation for the competitive season; sports champions, but also managers, officials, technicians and journalists.
Because sport is part of our being and will always find space at Marcellino.

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