The Hotel Restaurant Marcellino offers its guests numerous services. In addition to those provided in his room, and at the lift, our Guest will be able to discover the numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation below which we provide only an illustration.

Living room

The Living Room, in summer, is certainly the least frequented area of ​​the Hotel. On the other hand, how can you laze in an enclosed, albeit welcoming, environment when the inviting coolness of the plateau outside tickles your desire to immerse yourself in that green oasis?
But when the weather makes the whims or when the snow whitens the landscape, here the living room comes alive, allowing the Guest to socialize or relax with a game or a reading, perhaps while sipping a punch, tea or hot chocolate.

Reading room

On vacation, it often happens to take advantage of the free time available to read that book or that article that we left in the drawer during the year, because we are busy with the frenzy of daily commitments.
From your arrival, take possession of the Reading Room that the Hotel makes available to its welcome Guests. Sit on a comfortable armchair and indulge in your favorite reading, perhaps sipping a drink. The Bar is right below you!

TV room

But what sense does a TV room have in a hotel where all rooms are equipped with color TV? someone might ask.
The need to have a common TV room derives from the consideration that each of our Guests can receive, during their stay in the Hotel, the visit of relatives and friends. What if they like to attend a TV event?
Ah, Marcellino, you thought them all!

Game room

Dedicated to the youngest (but not disdained even by the most mature !!!) the Games Room of the Hotel Restaurant Marcellino is tiny but sufficiently furnished.
Located on the floor below the Bar, it houses two ping pong tables, a table football and a game room with board games. So what do you say, big game ???


The number of people who want a perfect tan is constantly increasing and “solariums” have become part of our “wellness” or “fitness” philosophy. In the city we try to obtain an amber hue by taking advantage of solarium lamps, sun beds or solar showers.

With us the sun is not a surrogate but it is the real star. Lying in your comfortable sunbed on the Solarium Terrace of our Hotel, lulled by the cool breeze of the Plateau, you will seem to dream. And all around the spectacular setting of the Orobie. A muffled silence will protect your privacy. Above, above everything and above everyone. You and the sun. This is what living is!



The terrace, partly covered, located on the ground floor, extends beyond the natural borders the living room, the bar and the restaurant of the hotel. Starting from Via Sorgenti to end on the opposite side (Corso Milano) there is a succession of tables, armchairs and umbrellas.

Logically in good weather. We can say a good part of the corporate life of the Hotel takes place right on the Terrace. On the terrace you can have an aperitif, a drink or a coffee or simply socialize, chatting more and less. It is the private “square” of the Guests, also because it is as big as a square.

But on the terrace you can also eat, under the area covered by the wooden porch, sheltered from the sun and wind, but breathing deeply into the crystalline air of the plateau, continuously renewed by the green of the nearby trees.



The “Marcellino” Bar represents the original core of the Hotel Restaurant complex which took its name from him.
At the complete disposal of customers from 7.00 to 24.00 every day, it is a relaxing break, with a wide choice of soft drinks, aperitifs and international liqueurs and impeccable service. Beer is also on tap and the assortment of ice creams, packaged or in bulk, truly remarkable and able to satisfy your every need.

Parking area

The large reserved parking is one of the many services that our hotel can offer to its welcome guests. Located on the back of the hotel (Via Sorgenti), it is easily accessible from the rear entrance of the terrace, located on the west side. The parking is open and outdoor and is not guarded.

However, the usefulness of such a parking lot near the Hotel is undoubted.
In fact, on the one hand you can control your vehicle at any time, get the ocher, on the other you can imagine his happiness by not having left him alone even on vacation.
As long as you remember that he is also on vacation, and that he is happier if, at least on vacation, you move on foot. From Marcellino, everything is near!

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