Who we are

It all started around the middle of the last century.

The year is 1956.
From an old stable, Luigi Magoni creates a small bar.
The stable is adjacent to the ancestral “Casa Marcella”,
inhabited, since the mid-nineteenth century, by the family of the patriarch Angelo Magoni, Luigi’s great-grandfather.

The name of Marcellino is placed at the bar, because it is the last born of Casa Marcelle.

Shortly afterwards, Luigi meets Antonia Acerbis and falls in love with her. She will be the woman of her destiny.

In addition to being young and beautiful, Antonia was born, like Luigi, in the plateau, located between the Brembana Valley and the Seriana Valley, people from Bergamo, serious, concrete and hardworking.
They get married.

The two unite not only the hearts but also the forces, sharing efforts, joys and sorrows.
Quickly the restaurant joins the bar (Antonia is an excellent cook and will win many prizes) and then, in 1968, the hotel, which Luigi builds stone by stone “literally” with his own hands.

The miracle is accomplished. In ten years, the willpower of the Magoni couple has transformed a poor shelter for animals into a large shelter for men and a renowned restaurant.

And as in beautiful fairy tales, the tenacity of Luigi (now become “Marcellino”) and Antonia is also rewarded by the Good God, who gives them three splendid children, Barbara, Lara and Marcellino (this time the name is true).

And since there is no two without three, the two girls inherit from their father, who is a ski instructor at the local Ski Club, their passion for winter sports, soon becoming champions and pride of the same Ski Club.